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The Mayor Dimitar Nikolov launched the implementation of the pilot project of Burgas Municipality for the implementation of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling by using geothermal energy in the building of the nursery №3 in the residential area “Bratya Miladinovi”.

“Implementation of the project in the building will significantly improve energy efficiency, comfort and the conditions for raising and developing children in the nursery. The idea of ​​the EU and the EC is that the new green policy gives more opportunities to save money and carbon dioxide. In the National recovery and resilience plan, a large part of the resources are for energy projects. We have more technical projects that we can adapt, similar to this one, and we are waiting for the governing bodies to announce the start of the initiative to see the criteria according to which we can apply,” said Mayor Nikolov.

Nursery №3 was built way back in 1962 and has a capacity for 190 children and a staff of up to 43 people. The building is heated with old cast iron radiators with hot water as a heat carrier through a combined natural gas and diesel water heating boiler. The boiler plant is morally obsolete and has exhausted its resource. There is no installation for cold supply and air conditioning in the building.

The project envisages the construction of a geothermal heat pump installation and the reconstruction of the heating installation of the building of the children’s institution, which will be used for heating and cooling the building, through the constant temperature of the ground as a source of heat and cold.

To cover the heating and cooling load of the building, as well as for domestic hot water supply, two units will be provided. Through a special system of pipes, they will use the temperature of 5 to 23 degrees from two boreholes at a depth of between 100 and 120 meters without drawing water from them. The advantage of these units is the high conversion factor in both heating and cooling mode, as they are not affected by external atmospheric conditions. The temperature absorbed from the ground for heating or cooling will reach a geothermal collector, from which it will be distributed to heat pump units.

To ensure the necessary microclimate during the summer season in the study rooms, a new air conditioning installation will be installed with fan convectors, which will be able to work in both heating and cooling mode, ensuring more precise control of the desired temperature through a monitoring system of energy consumption with an ultrasonic calorimeter and control electricity meters.

The project “Implementation of RES through the construction of a geothermal heat pump installation and reconstruction of a heating installation at Nursery №3, Burgas” is financed under the program “Renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy security” of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021. Its partner is Norsk Energi-Kingdom of Norway, a long-standing partner of Burgas Municipality in the implementation of various initiatives in the field of energy efficiency.

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