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A celebration on June 1 marked the successful completion of the construction works under the pilot project of Burgas Municipality for the implementation of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling through the use of geothermal energy in the building of nursery № 3 in the residential area of Burgas. “Bratya Miladinovi”.

This is the first and only installation for geothermal energy recovery in a municipal building on the territory of Burgas Municipality.

According to the project, 22 boreholes were completed at a depth of 100 m each, two heat pump units were supplied and modern coil units were installed in the rooms. Thus, a geothermal heat pump installation was constructed and the heating system of the children’s facility building was reconstructed, which will now use the constant temperature of the ground as a source of heat and cold to heat and cool the building.

The area on which the boreholes are located has been improved and made usable by building a new playground with shock-absorbing rubber surfacing and concrete slabs for children to play on.

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