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The Final Press Conference of the project was held today.

The geothermal energy system was officially presented to journalists. The ceremony was attended by the Mayor Dimitar Nikolov, the Deputy Mayor and Project Manager Yordanka Ananieva and the Director of Nursery № 3 Pepa Nikolova.

Dimitar Nikolov explained that with the new acquisition the energy costs in the nursery will decrease, while the comfort of the staff and children in the nursery is also improved.

“Having seen all the parameters in terms of savings and the quality of cooling and heating, this gave us additional motivation in the municipality’s programme in the next two years to have all nurseries and kindergartens with similar installations. We have targeted them because they work without a break in the summer and it is in this season that we have problems with cooling. On the other hand, apart from heating and cooling, we get hot water 12 months a year. At the same time, we save harmful emissions from burning oil and pellets. The saved resources will enable us to invest in these new technologies” Nikolov said.

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