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Today, a contract was concluded for the implementation of the main activity of the project “Implementation of RES through the construction of a geothermal heat pump installation and reconstruction of a heating installation at Nursery №3, Burgas”.

The Burgas-based contractor Thermal Engineering will install geothermal energy capacities and increase the production of energy from renewable energy sources by building a geothermal heat pump installation, using water-cooled water-cooling units, accompanying activities on the heating installation and implementation of monitoring for used energy. According to the contractor’s technical proposal, the construction and installation activities will be completed within 100 days from the date of signing the Protocol for opening a construction site and determining the construction line and level for the construction (Appendix No. 2a to Art. 7, Para. 3 , item 2 of Ordinance No. 3 of July 31, 2003 on drawing up acts and protocols during construction).

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